Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lisa Ruyter

ruyter trees ii
When I started thinking about posting about art on this blog, Lisa Ruyter was one of the first artists who came to mind. Except, I couldn't remember her name. I've developed this thing as I've gotten a little bit older where information sort of burbles to the surface of my brain slowly like the answer in a Magic 8 ball. This week, after much stewing and many incorrect guesses, the name Lisa Ruyter just popped into my head out of nowhere. I ran to the computer to do a Google search, and lo and behold...
ruyter paris
I first noticed her work when I flipped through an issue of Elle Decor and saw one of her paintings hanging on a wall. I liked the simple lines and the juxtaposition of the bright poppy colors with the organic, detailed subject, which was a stand of trees much like this one:
ruyter dark waters
It just struck me as totally original, and my little lizard brain said "want." Well, of course Ms. Ruyter is a very famous and successful artist, so this is probably as close to owning one of her works as I will ever get, but that doesn't stop me from admiring them or sharing them with you. I hope you like them.
ruyter trees
All photos via Lisa Ruyter's website - where galleries of her work can be viewed. More here (for sale) on

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jora said...

Wow, her stuff is awesome!