Thursday, January 29, 2009

P.S. I Love You - Part II

Lemons at the Parker
Ah, the Parker. It seems to be a loaded question when you ask people what they think of it. Regardless of how they feel about the decor (which I love, personally) or the service (come on, what guy would want to wear those hot pink pants?) I have never had a bad breakfast in their dining room (as we discussed earlier) and I think virtually anyone would have to agree that the grounds are absolutely gorgeous.
The Parker Palm Springs - outdoor lobby area
By some sort of landscaping miracle, they are both lush and drought tolerant - with lots of meandering pathways, citrus trees dripping with fruit, and plenty of shady spots, fountains and grassy bits to ameliorate the heat.
Gardens at the Parker Palm Springs
Gardens at the Parker Palm Springs
After wandering for a little while among the pampas grasses, you come to a cute little "Lemonade Bar" serving lemonade, of course, and other "beverages" too.
Gardens at the Parker
The Lemonade Stand (aka bar) at the Parker
A shaded lane between two petanque courts shelters a row of tables and chairs, and just beyond another hedge lies one of the two swimming pools on the grounds.
Gardens at the Parker Palm Springs
Second pool area at the Parker
The sensibility of the Parker is sort of Morocco meets the beach - having a weakness for whimsy myself, I dig the oversized chess set and the peaked umbrellas, though someone with less tolerance for this sort of thing might not...
Chess set at the Parker
I also love their huge bougainvilleas that climb up the outside walls of the rooms overlooking the other pool - closer to the center of the complex.
Pool at the Parker Palm Springs
And the vast swaths of grass punctuated by some Moroccan lawn furniture and an ancient olive tree remind me of the even-more-whimsical Delano in Miami Beach.
Gardens at the Parker Palm Springs
Since their rates are a little higher than some of the other places in town (around $300 per night) I haven't stayed there yet, but I could definitely be talked into it, despite what some have said. Maybe a girl's weekend this Spring? Who's in?
More photos can be viewed in this set.

Domino Falls...


Ok, it's not funny - but I couldn't resist. The latest victim of the economy, Domino is shuttering after only three years, publishing their last issue in March. More details here and here. It was one of my favorite magazines and I really don't know what will replace it. I have been hearing rumors that ad revenues are down at another of my very favorite magazines, and I am desperately hoping it won't meet the same fate!

(The other post about Palm Springs is still coming, I just haven't had a chance to get it up yet!)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

P.S. I Love You - Part I

Casita at the Viceroy Palm Springs
Last week, good girlfriend Susan and I took a little trip to Palm Springs, to take in the desert scenery, do a little shopping and get some sun. We stayed at the Viceroy, which did not disappoint, though if I had it to do over again I'd definitely get one of their villas - just steps away from the spa with their own pool. We got there in the late afternoon and I had to go to Indio for work in the morning, so I didn't get any poolside time - but that seemed like an ideal place to spend it.
Doughnuts at Norma's at the Parker Palm Springs
When I was done with my work we stopped by the Parker for a late breakfast, which was fabulous albeit pricey - as it always is - and on the way back down Palm Canyon to the freeway, we took in a few of the vintage stores. The Norma's Doughnuts - pictured above, were amazing.
a La Mod on Palm Canyon Drive
Sadly most of the shops were closed since it was a Tuesday - the one day of the week that many of them seemed to shut down - but we were able to check out A la Mod, a great consignment shop right there on the main drag, and the Trina Turk store.
Trina Turk has a "residential" store there, with pillows, furniture and other items covered in her signature prints. I bought some cool velveteen pillows with a groovy butterfly design and Susan bought some placemats, a vase and a bowl. They have some fun vintage items sprinkled in among the new goods.
Killer vintage Saarinen tulip table and stools at a  La Mod on Palm Canyon
We also really enjoyed a La Mod - just down the street - I was especially captivated by this original Saarinen tulip table with six matching stools. It was in near mint condition and priced around $5000. I bought a couple of flowerpots, and eyeballed a set of wrought iron fireplace tools. Generally their prices and selection were the best of what we found.

We're still planning to go back and check out the main Antique Mall and a few of the other shops we missed on North Palm Canyon - if you're in town stop by the Viceroy and ask the front desk for their list of shops, it includes all the good ones!

next up - Part II, the gardens and decor at the Parker.

Monday, January 12, 2009

On the Red Carpet



I just think these women deserve a little round of applause for rocking some seriously stylish and original outfits on the red carpet last night. The whole prom dress/ball gown/grecian goddess thing is getting kind of old, and it's nice to see celebrities let their personalities show on the runway - without resorting to swan outfits or backwards tuxedos (sorry Celine.) I especially love Maggie Gyllenhaal's dress. It suits her perfectly, and no one else could carry it off like she does.

Hey ladies!


Have you heard? Apparently, the mustache is back in style! If only the rest of them rocked it as well as Clooney does...

And by the way, if you thought Burt Reynolds looked hot with his mustache (somebody must, he was a sex symbol, right?) take a look at him without it. Rawwr!


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