Friday, November 7, 2008

Michelle Style

Michelle Obama Collage

Michelle Obama has definitely taken some heat for the dress she wore on election night, but I have to give the woman props. She has put on a public face every day for going on what now, two solid years? And for the most part, she's looked absolutely amazing. She has a strong spirit to go along with those upper arms and an absolutely spectacular smile, and I can't wait to see what she wears come January 20, 2009. Whatever it is, I'm sure she'll rock it.

Photos via The New York Times


Anonymous said...

I definitely have seen her in more flattering outfits than what she wore on election night, but she rocked it all the same because she has such a natural poise and confident energy.

I'm so pleased that we'll have a first lady who we can admire for her drive, her commitment, and her style---no more power suits! Not to mention those toned about inspiration to hit the gym!

jora said...

I admit I have never much paid attention to what she wears. I was sursprised by that dress on election night, howver!