Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Tresasure Trove of Russel Wright

Chocolate Wafer Icebox Cake
I discovered Russel Wright American Modern dinnerware a few months ago, when I picked up the plate pictured above at an estate sale. Something about it appealed to me on sight, and when I started using it - mostly for serving appetizers - it quickly became my favorite. I've since learned that not only was American Modern the most widely sold American ceramic dinnerware in history - produced from 1939 to 1959 by Steubenville Pottery, but it's so widely considered an example of "good design" that it's displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art - who knew?
american modern
The good news is - because it was so widely produced there's a lot of it out there, and it's still reasonably affordable. I've picked up a few pieces on eBay but if you don't want to hassle with auctions or worry about surprises regarding condition, I just discovered this site called "Mostly Wright" - selling not only the Wright dinnerware, but pottery, dishes, prints and furniture from the Mid Century era. Their prices are very reasonable, and the inventory looks delightful. Check it out!

Photograph of pieces above courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

More about Russel Wright

You can read more about the cake pictured above here, on Alice Q. Foodie.

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jora said...

I fell for his stuff the first time I saw it at your house. I still don't have any pieces, but I am working on it. :)