Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jonathan Adler Needlepoint

ja mp3 case
I love the wit and craftsmanship of Jonathan Adler's designs, but for the most part, they're outside of my budget. These needlepoint cases are a rare exception - they are all under $50. and are incredibly useful in a messy crowded purse - especially a big one where things tend to get buried. They don't seem to have the exact one online, but I picked up a case similar to this one for my sunglasses at their shop in San Francisco, near Fillmore and California. I also have a hankering for one of these - *sigh!*

Speaking of useful items for your purse - Hayden Harnett currently has several small cases and coin purses on sale for $14-$15.00, regularly priced closer to $50. snap one up before they're gone!

Jonathan Adler
2133 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
other locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and NYC.

Jonathan Adler's decor and designs are also on display at The Parker Palm Springs Hotel - more coming on that soon!

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