Monday, October 20, 2008

This one's for Jora

My friend Jora and I have a lot of things in common, such as our taste for good coffee and Hayden Harnett bags and deep affection for Ian Knauer of Gourmet - so it should come as no surprise that we both delight in the sleek lines of the classic Airstream Trailer. Today while I was visiting the NYC MOMA - I think I literally squealed when I came around the corner and saw this:
Airstream Trailer at the MOMA
A 1960 Airstream trailer in impeccable condition. Can you believe that at one point it was possible to walk onto a lot and just buy one of these? They probably didn't cost very much either.
Airstream trailer at the MOMA
Airstream trailer at the MOMA
They are outrageously tiny inside, I have to admit. The modern version from Design Within Reach does a better job with the space, but for $49,000 I'm afraid it's a design that's actually out of most people's reach. Kind of a shame, considering the original was an affordable way for the non-wealthy to travel.

Read Jora's post about her love for the Airstream here.

Oh, and by the way - do you have one of these in your kitchen?
Ice Cream Scoop at the NYC MOMA
If so, congratulations - you own a museum piece. This was taken today at the MOMA!

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