Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ruth Reichl's Office

Ruth Reichl in her office at Gourmet Magazine
As part of the Gourmet Institute today, I had a session with Ruth Reichl where she took us on a private tour of the upstairs offices, including her personal office. I absolutely love these shelves behind her desk - in fact, I think I may try to copy this in my office at home. It looks so sleek and stylish, and I love the combination of lots of surface area and loads of storage, which is exactly what I need. I'm currently living with the same dressers I've had since junior high and some folding tables for desk space, since I've never found furniture I liked enough to bother moving up. I'm thinking built-ins are (finally) the answer!
Ruth Reichl's Office


jora said...

How awesome to have been inside Ruth Reichl's office! I am so jealous of your trip right now I can't see straight. Hopefully I'll be over it by the time you're back and you can fill me in on everything. ;)

Anonymous said...

ohmygod Ruth Reich's her books so much.