Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kid Stuff

While I don't have kids myself, I'm always trying to find cool and useful gifts for friends who do, so I don't think I'm quite the last person to hear about this site, though I might be. It's called Giggle and from now on, it will be my go to for kid-centric gifts. All of these items are available on Giggle - along with what appears to be the full line from Dwell. (I just love that transportation print!)

Clockwise from top left:
step stool - $90.00
baby book - $70.00
big pencils - $9.00
butterfly plate - $12.00
dollhouse - $125.00
French terry dress - $34.99
Elephant mobile - $30.00
red t-strap shoes - $38.00
palette plate - $30.00

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Anonymous said...

Those are smokin hot! Love the glam gold and black combo...

And doesn't an amazing bargain just make your heart race!

jora said...

I totally want that dollhouse for your-know-who.

Alice Q. Foodie said...

Ann - ha - I think you mean the shoes! Thanks!

Jora - I knew you would. Have you seen the furniture? I think you have to get it. So cute.