Monday, November 17, 2008

Neato Gift Idea - the Atomic Bonsai Tree

atomic bonsai tree.

I could have just mentioned this in my last post about Tortoise, but I kind of thought it was so nifty that it deserved its own. I bought one of these a present for Mr. Q. Style - aka "Jim" at Tortoise. At the time I thought it was just a cool pop-arty gadget, I didn't realize that it was extra cool because it was designed and made in Los Angeles by a local artist, using 100% recycled materials and non-toxic inks. It comes in a flat box, and you put the whole thing together using the notches, kind of like Lincoln Logs. You can rearrange it or play with it to get the shape you want, and keep rearranging it just for fun. I'm not sure I'd buy it as an alternative to a real foliage, but it looks cute once you get it put together, and makes a fun little desk decoration or toy.

Available here on, and on Tortoise's website for around $20.

Photo via Wishingfish


Anonymous said...

Super nifty! I just love little doodads like this...they're like the grown-up, much cooler version of the toy you get in a happy meal!

jora said...

Jim is going to love this. ;)

Alice Q. Foodie said...

Ann - it's kind of like one of those cereal box things, that you had to put together? Remember how they were always flat in the box? Oh how many boxes of cereal my mom dumped out (and put back in) to get me one of those...

Jora - Jim does indeed love it - that whole store is right up his alley.