Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eco Orbs at Kate Ross Shoe Boutique in North Park

Orbs at Kate Ross shoe store
After brunch at Urban Solace the other day, I spotted these "eco orbs" hanging in the window of the Kate Ross shoe store next door. They're little terrariums of desert plants and succulents in orbs that are a little larger than a Christmas ornament. (They weren't open yet, so I snapped these photos through the window.)
Kate Ross shoe store
They look like a fun gift, and multiples of them make a really nice display in the window. I tried to find them online but nothing seems to be coming up so maybe this is a local phenomenon. In the course of my google searching though I did come up with one other company that makes something similar for $600. Gak.
Orbs at Kate Ross
The original Kate Ross Boutique around the corner on University and this newer shoe store are both fun stylish little shops. Kate herself is often on the premises and is always very nice and helpful. I actually haven't been in there for a while, and need to check out the shoe store after peering in the window - so check back for more on that soon!

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