Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Favorite Soap

It's a bit of a splurge, but I love this soap so much I just can't give it up. One $20.00 bottle lasts us a few months, and double-sized refills are available for only $26.00. I buy the Olive Lavender, and it feels so good on my skin and smells so wonderful, it just makes me happy every time I use it. At five or six times per day, I figure that's a real bargain.

savon de marseille

In San Diego, both the glass bottles and refills are available at Mistral on S. Cedros next to Cafe Zinc, and the glass bottles can be found downtown at Station boutique at 414 Cedar in Little Italy.

Online, it's available here on Vickerey, or here on a site called Lucky Scent - though they are sold out of the Olive Lavender until January. (Vickerey is also a great source for Christmas gifts, if you're like me and cannot stand to go to the mall during the holidays!) Refills can be found here on the Terence Conran shop website.

photo via Lucky Scent


jora said...

I love this too. By the way, you can get this at the French shop on Goldfinch and Fort Stockton.

Anonymous said...

...and at Maison en Provence, along with many other wonderful things French, on Fort Stockton Drive at Goldfinch in Hillcrest.

Alice Q. Foodie said...

Thanks for clueing me in about Maison en Provence - will definitely have to check that out. Sounds like I don't need to drive to Solana Beach anymore! (Though it was a good excuse to get an egg salad sandwich at Zinc and check out Mabels!)