Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just Bought It

The Hayden Harnett website has become one of my favorite online shops lately, thanks to my stylish friend Jora, who totes one of their fabulous Havana bags. I found my own Beatrice bag on eBay but for months I've had my eye on this scarf on the website. I'm a total scarf nerd and always have been, and this one really caught my eye with it's au courant color scheme and classic print, reminiscent of Hermes. (Yes, I'm addicted to those too - I think I am up to five now!)

Living in an area where the temperatures top 100 degrees in the summer, I could hardly justify it - but I'm going to NYC and DC next week for the rest of the month of October, so I went ahead and put my order in today hoping it arrives before I leave. I just bought a couple of black sweater jackets to get me through the fall and winter (one is wool and short and the other is cotton and long) and I'm hoping this will add just the right amount of Big City Polish. I also think it would look great tied onto the handle of this bag - which I am currently lusting after, but I'm waiting and hoping for it to go on sale, since J.Crew seems to be doing a lot of that lately.

jcrew vachetta bag

The best thing about the Hayden Harnett site is that they put new items on sale every week - sometimes at a very deep discount. A few weeks ago, I bought a kick ass key ring for about $20. and a cosmetic case that matches the interior of my purse for $15. Check it out here.

Photo via the J.Crew website

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