Thursday, October 16, 2008

I love outdoor fireplaces...

dinner etc. 001
they're just so perfect for this time of year - when it gets cool in the evenings but you still want to be outside. I really dig this one at Urban Seed & Flower (on Adams in University Heights/Normal Heights.) I also love those blue flea market chairs.

Here's a more modern take from a British company on Trendir:

And something a little more traditional:
sunset outdoor fireplace

Have a closer look.

Right now we just have one of these little firehouses - which has served us well on the handful of occasions we've used it since we re-did our backyard last year.
In the backyard
If you're interested in adding an outdoor fireplace to your yard but can't or don't want to spend a fortune, you can find these and other similar options here.


jora said...

I love them too. We need one. B thinks they are all smoky, so I need to convince him.

Anonymous said...

Those are all much nicer than the one we enjoyed this weekend at a friends house; made from the drum of a washing machine. Inventive and effective, just not pretty.