Monday, October 27, 2008

And the other places we stayed weren't bad either...

You may have seen my post a few days ago about the hotel in New York I liked so much. Well, lucky for us, (James met me in Baltimore) the other two places we stayed were were pretty darn cool too. Our hotel there, The Inn at 2920, was a dream - private and out of the way, but close enough to be central. We had the only accommodation on the bottom floor, a two room suite called the Gato Casa - complete with kitchen and goldfish. It was nicely decorated and I hear the breakfast is good too, though we didn't get to try it. (Damn jet lag.) As if that weren't enough, at $200. per night it was a bargain compared to the mega hotels at the Inner Harbor (the weekend rate is $225.)
Inn at 2920 in Baltimore
Inn at 2920 in Baltimore
Inn at 2920 in Baltimore
The hotel is in Canton, an old industrial area of Baltimore now gentrified - and is just a block away from O'Donnell Square, a great little spot with lots of shops and restaurants. We enjoyed a meal at Mama's on the Half Shell, a seafood restaurant on the corner. I can't recommend the Italian bakery across the street as highly though. You can read more about Mama's and the square here.
Stowe Road in Reston, VA
In the D.C. area we stayed with friends in this house - which was just as lovely on the inside as it was on the outside. The firewood was stacked, the liquor cabinet was stocked, and the larder was brimming with the ingredients for Sunday suppers and gourmet breakfasts. Normally at the end of a vacation I'm all ready to go home, but I really think I could get used to the spoiling we got here. Guess we'll just have to make it up to them when they come to visit next year!

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jora said...

That house is adorable! It's exactly where I'd want to live if I lived in D.C. :)